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Welcome in Varanasi
Renata and Sunil Sahani

together in India

join our projects for women

RENATA SAHANI from Czech Republic,
physiotherapist and psychotherapist, yoga teacher
SUNIL SAHANI from India, Varanasi,
living in Europe /capital city Prague/ for 10 years.


Are you a foreigner? Choose your AYURVEDA >> and yoga program with us. Stay our lovely rooms this time. Join a social program WOMEN TO WOMEN >>. Are you indian? See what services we have for you. Are you an organization helping women? Let's work together! We love Varanasi and rural life.  


 Yoga for women must be based on a woman's stage of life. A young girl will practice something different, and a pregnant or menopausal woman needs different yoga ... 


Hand made place for women. Come create dreams together. Learn from other women. Let yourself be inspired. We are starting a small tailoring school for needy women.


Healthy body
and mind

Ayurveda and Panchacarma procedures specifically focused on women's problems. Treatment packages with bed and ayurvedic food including. Massages, ralaxation, women's care. 


Female physiotherapy

Do you know what is pelvic floor?

Women's gynecological and reproductive health, prevention of urine leakage, appropriate exercise after childbirth. Rehabilitation is the simplest solution.

Women to women

Education and social program

Indian women and foreign women. We can learn a lot from each other. Two programs. One goes to the Indian village and the other to the foreign women.

Ashram rooms

Treatment packages

5 rooms for you /12 beds in total/. They are furnished in the traditional Indian style with every comfort for tourists. Available for treatment packages.


Prý nejstarší město světa ... Tisíce chrámů, majestání Ganga ... město zasvěcené Šivovi a jeho ženě Parvati, místo prvního Budhova učení, město, kam chodí Hinduisté umírat, aby očisili svou karmu. Jsou zde tři univerzity, časté koncerty a vystoupení klasického tance, vyučuje se tady umění (malířství). Město je nejlidnatějším městem světa a všudypřítomný chaos a specifická atmosféra s příchutí smrti dává šanci uctít život a znovu se vrátit k jeho podstatě. Pusťe si dechberoucí video a přijeďte to zažít ... 

Said to be the oldest city in the world...Thousands of temples, the majesty of the Ganges...a city dedicated to Shiva and his wife Parvati, the site of the Buddha's first teaching, a city where Hindus go to die to cleanse their karma. There are three universities, frequent concerts and classical dance performances, art (painting) is taught here. The city is the most populated city in the world, and the omnipresent chaos and specific atmosphere with the flavor of death gives a chance to honor life and return to its essence. Play the breathtaking video and come experience it...

Varanasi, India

Varanasi and Prague, Renata and Sunil

Two cities, two worlds and two beautiful rivers. Ganga and Vltava. 

We live half in India and in the Czech Republic /Europe/. Both of our lives have one thing in common and that is the river...

Are you

Local Indian

  • Use our hand made studio
    Come to sewing school.
  • Are you a yoga instructor? Do you do massages?
    Come introduce yourself.
  • Do you know of a woman who might be interested in our activities?
    Bring her to us, Call. Write an email.
  • Are you close to social work for women in the village?
    Let's connect.

Foreign tourist woman?

  • Traveling in India alone?
    Do you want to feel safe in Varanasi? Stay this ashram.
  • Are you interested in women's issues in India?
    Women's health. Do you know how women live in the countryside?
  • Are you a fan of Indian women's handiwork?
    Visit our atelier.
  • Do you want to bring your group to us?
    Practice yoga, meditate, treat yourself to an Ayurvedic package, or join the Back tu basic project.

Women to women ...
When you can come to India? 

It is not a paid course, but a volunteer stay here, when I will provide everything necessary for your work. You will become a part of the community and learn perhaps more than at any psychotherapy training. You will experience life directly. You will find yourself face to face with two different cultures, two women's worlds...


Back to basics 1

15.11. 2023 - 30.11. 2023Varanasi, At this time you can come and help here on site with projects for women. In exchange for accommodation and the services of a guide not only to Varanasi, but also to your personal process, if you wish...

Back to basics 2

5.3. 2024 - 20.3. 2024Varanasi, At this time you can come and help here on site with projects for women. In exchange for accommodation and the services of a guide not only to Varanasi, but also to your personal process, if you wish...