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Just come
Community, exchange, fellowship ... We can do it ... we will make it

No course, no seminar. Just come ... You will have free accommodation i n Varanasi in our ashram. Cooking together. I will see you through Varanasi's feminine eyes ... I will accompany you on your personal journey in exchange for volunteer help here.

We connect, we want to connect ... East and West

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Project Women to women

It starts in autumn / winter 2023

You get more than you give...

Přijeď. Dostaneš víc, než dáš ... Může to vypadat třeba takto. Pojedeme na vesnici, kterou předem známe. Sejdou se ženy ... a může se povídat o těhotenství, porodu, menopauze, menstruaci, vložkách, pánevním dnu, močové inkontinenci, sexuálním zdraví, intimitě. Ale i o ženských otázkách obecně. O nerovném postavení žen, ekologii, o udržitelném zaměstnání žen. Tabu a stud mizí ... pomáháme si navzájem. Světy se prolínají a my se skrze ně vracíme k jednoduchosti a podstatě života. Jim dáváme to, co my jsme už dostaly. Samy si našly, zvědomily, odvážily se žít ...  I když ženy upřímně, jaký je stav těchto témat v naší západní společnosti? A jak to máte každá z vás osobně? 

Nebo ráda rozjíždíš nové projekty? Máš ráda ruční práce a řemesla? Chceš místním ženám pomoct v začátcích? Můžeš přispět svými organizačními schopnostmi, pomoct s financemi, plánováním projektu, komunikací s úřady, nebo můžeš být oporou pro ty, které tady budou spolu s Tebou ve stejný čas ... 

Come. You get more than you give... It might look like this. We will go to a village that we know in advance. Women get together ... and can talk about pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, menstruation, pads, pelvic floor, urinary incontinence, sexual health, intimacy. But also about women's issues in general. About unequal status of women, ecology, sustainable employment of women. Taboo and shame disappear ... we help each other. Worlds intertwine and through them we return to simplicity and essence of life. We give them what we have already received. They found themselves, realized, dared to live ... Although women honestly, what is the state of these topics in our Western society? And how are each of you doing personally?

Or do you like starting new projects? Do you like handicrafts and crafts? Want to help local women get started? You can contribute with your organizational skills, help with finances, project planning, communication with the authorities, or you can be a support for those who will be here with you at the same time...

I choose my colleagues myself

Write me your motivation and an idea of ​​what you would like here, it could help. We can search for it together, but I need a clear message from You as to what Your direction is. I accept adult, aware and responsible women, with no previous experience with India, but also experienced ones.

Renata Sahani 

  • You are fundamentally mentally resilient
  • You have a fair amount of self-reflection
  • You can be in crisis and transformation, but you know it and you don't run away...

Create it here with me,

you yourself know your place ... if Varanasi is calling you

Women to women ...
When you can come to India? 

It is not a paid course, but a volunteer stay here, when I will provide everything necessary for your work. You will become a part of the community and learn perhaps more than at any psychotherapy training. You will experience life directly. You will find yourself face to face with two different cultures, two women's worlds...


Back to basics 1

15.11. 2023 - 30.11. 2023Varanasi, At this time you can come and help here on site with projects for women. In exchange for accommodation and the services of a guide not only to Varanasi, but also to your personal process, if you wish...

Back to basics 2

5.3. 2024 - 20.3. 2024Varanasi, At this time you can come and help here on site with projects for women. In exchange for accommodation and the services of a guide not only to Varanasi, but also to your personal process, if you wish...

What can you help with here?

In the village

  • manual work - building mud houses and small manufactory
  • manual work - work in the field, around the farm of the woman chosen by you
  • establishing an Ayurvedic garden
  • organizational help - organization of work in the manufactory
  • cooking together on the fire
  • staying with local women...

In the city

  • You can lecture to local women on one of the selected topics
  • You can help with official matters at local authorities and do paperwork
  • We need communication with local doctors and other influential people
  • If you already have experience with a similar "job" and perhaps you see your role in a completely different way, please send me an email

My principles of helping

The aid will meet certain principles. For example, that we will not change the local traditional culture, folk customs or religion. We will not help "too much", excessively, or too quickly. We will honor the pace of awakening of local women...

My role in it?

We will often be in places where rural tourists don't go. Where they are either forbidden to do so, or they don't go there out of fear for their safety. We will always have a local social worker and the police from afar. Many women don't look beyond the borders of their village all their lives, they've never seen a white woman outside of a movie ... I'll help you to orientate yourself in the mentality and rules of communication at the beginning of the journey. And we'll say what yes, what yes ..., what no ...

I can guide you through a personal transformation process to a predetermined extent.