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Ashram rooms
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The capacity of the house is 12 beds
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Adress: B 5/52, Shivala ♥, Varanasi, Ganga is 3min by wolk

Near Shivala ghat, near Mother Teresa Hospice. Near supermarket Vishal.

Rooftop garden
for exercise and relaxation

2. floor - 6 beds

Pink room

2 bed room in closed quiet street, toilet and bathroom inside the room

Purple room

2 bed room in closed quiet street, toilet and bathroom inside the room

Turquoise room

A more spacious 2-3 bed room with a nice view, toilet and bathroom inside the room, maybe an extra bed!

Atrium for rest and relaxation

a small intermediate space for the quiet use of the occupants of the three upper rooms

1. floor - 4 beds

Red room

A tiny 1-2 bed room with a small balcony to the street behind the meditation room, the toilet and bathroom is inside the meditation room, so you need to plan a shower, which we believe is not a problem. A balcony with seating is a bonus. The room is suitable, for example, for the leader of the group. Maybe there is a double bed for a couple, or two single beds

Blue Room Buddha

A large 2-bed room with a bathroom and WC only for this room, it is more spacious, so there is the possibility of an extra bed. The view is to a quiet street and to the house opposite.


Meditation and yoga room

Meditation room is a great bonus of this center of ours. The room is suitable for yoga, meditation, dance, group meetings of all kinds. You can also use it individually outside the program. Not absolutely silent but within the normal Indian life.

Ground floor - 2 beds

New kitchen
and dining room

Having your own chef is a gift, Indian cuisine is amazing, but he can also cook our western food, so you can go to India in peace, even if you are concerned about hygiene and an excess of spices.

Massage - panchacarma - physiotherapy, steam

Massages, Ayurveda, physiotherapy, body and soul care, steam sauna, without which India would not be India... Book a consultation with a doctor or just a relaxing massage.

Orange room

2-bed room with toilet and bathroom on the ground floor of the house, busier, but in the summer desirable cool room for two, adjacent to the reception.

Underround floor

Handiwork atelier, handicraft

Batik, art workshop, handiwork for Indian and tourist women

Services in ashram

  • Basic clean bedding
  • 24h hot water /boiler/
  • 24h internet
  • Foreign toilets and shower
  • Daily cleaning
  • Shared clean kitchen and dining room
    with basic utensils
  • Shared meditation room
    for yoga practice
  • Massage and panchacarma room
    we have right in the house
  • Own chef
    cooking Indian and continental cuisine