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Hand made atelier
Startup project.

Do handcrafts with us

Can you do any craft? Hand-made? Come teach other women 🙂 give a lecture. Sell your products with us. Our atelier is in Shivala B 5/52, Varanasí. 

Dear Indian women from the immediate and distant surroundings of our house, dear neighbors. Do you also like handicrafts, sewing, painting and other creations of all kinds? Personally, a lot, but in Europe there is not much time for that due to the fast pace of life. Most visitors go to India to stop, think about their life and, above all, to slow down. So this is exactly what our small art studio is about. Indian handicrafts by Indian women are beautiful and we tourists like to buy them here. You will use our place to meet each other and create small gifts for yourself or others. And maybe you'll earn a little extra. Use your time wisely. Bring a friend, mom, sister and let's get to know each other. 


Indian handcrafts

Hand made

Knitting and crochet, tailoring - sewing dress, bags ..., painting, coloring, batic, ceramic, marcame and other

Indian women are very skilled and handy in decorating, handicrafts of all kinds. They usually have enough time, but lack the money to start even a small handicraft project. Let's support them. And let us be surprised by what he can do.

3 - 6 month tailoring school

For Indian needed woman. 

To improve the lives of rural women. Do you know that most of them are unemployed? Dependent on the husband's salary? If the kids are small, it's fine. But this unhappy state often remains with them throughout their lives. They have a lot of time but no opportunities. One such opportunity can be working as a tailor.

You ...

  • Support women
    with their creativity
  • Help women
    with financial self-sufficiency
  • Allow women
    to work from home
  • Give women
    training in tailoring

We ...

  • We will arrange
    place for tailoring school an our atelier
  • We will mediate
    Indian sewing teacher
  • We have
    3 sewing machines available
  • We have ideas
    for small textile products that could be sold and give women hope of at least some salary

By Renata Sahani

When creation becomes passion ... My hobby

I have loved batik since I was young. I even had my own boutique once. India is the time for me to return to this hobby of mine. That is why it gives me great pleasure to support Indian women in their creativity. Without creativity life is sad, with it interesting and meaningful.

Handmade, handcraft atelier
on the Shivala

Batik, art workshop, hand made for Indian and tourist women

Where to find us?

Adress: B 5/52, Shivala Varanasi ♥ 

Near Shivala ghat, near Mother Teresa Hospice. Near supermarket Vishal.