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Women to women

Education and social program 

Program for
foreign women

Program for rural
Indian women

Do you want to forget consumerism, the busy modern life and learn from Indian women how to live in simplicity? Come and experience the Indian reality.
Let's help them start their business in return. Let's support traditional crafts. Women's health, or financial aid for education. You can. You don't have to...

Why women? 

A woman understands a woman ... We have similar dreams, life values ​​... We all wish for the health and happiness of our loved ones, a peaceful life ... prosperity ... Let's follow our dreams ... And let's make the world a better place to live.

  • A woman is the heart of every family
    Happy wife, happy husband, children and whole family ...
  • I am close to this mission in my country
    It is also close to me in India

Zatím je malá, pak se vdá, bude se starat o své dítě ... i to jednou vyroste ... a je tady stáří. Žena je základ rodiny, harmonie, pohody, stará se o krb domova ... Žena se zaslouží především respekt, úctu, možnost vzdělání, dostatek prostředků na chod své milované rodiny ... Pomáhám v tom svou prací fyzioterapeutky ženám v ČR již 15 let, teď je čas se zaměřit na můj druhý domov, na Indii ...

For now she is small, then she will get married, take care of her child ... she too will grow up one day ... and there is old age. A woman is the foundation of a family, harmony, well-being, she takes care of the hearth of the home ... A woman deserves above all respect, respect, the possibility of education, enough resources to run her beloved family ... I have been helping women in the Czech Republic with my work as a physiotherapist for 15 years , now it's time to focus on my second home, India ...