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 Yoga for women must be based on a woman's stage of life. A young girl will practice something different, and a pregnant or menopausal woman needs different yoga ... 


Hand made place for women. Come create dreams together. Learn from other women. Let yourself be inspired. We are starting a small tailoring school for needy women.


Healthy body
and mind

Ayurveda and Panchacarma procedures specifically focused on women's problems. Treatment packages with bed and ayurvedic food including. Massages, ralaxation, women's care. 


Female physiotherapy

Do you know what is pelvic floor?

Women's gynecological and reproductive health, prevention of urine leakage, appropriate exercise after childbirth. Rehabilitation is the simplest solution.

From women to women

Educational and social program

Perhaps every woman who visits India has a need to help in a meaningful way. We help women especially in the field of health. See the focus of our help.

Ashram rooms

Treatment packages

5 rooms for you /12 beds in total/. They are furnished in the traditional Indian style with every comfort for tourists. Available for treatment packages.